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Pastiyums Bakery Bunny Treats Enamel Pins

$8.00 CAD - $65.00 CAD

Introducing some new Treats in Pasityums Bakery! We've got a total of 8 pins in the Bunny Treats collection with 2 rares to collect! 
❀ 1 pin in blind bag for $8, 2 pins in blind bag for $15, 3 pins in blind bag for $22
❀ We can guarantee no duplicates in a single bag of 2 or 3 pins. We cannot guarantee no duplicates if you purchase numerous bags. 
❀ There is an option to purchase the whole set. Please note this price is slightly higher than purchasing individual bags as this series was originally made exclusively for blind bags. But we understand individuals like to take the hassle of getting random pins and just want to collect them all!
❀ All pins will be A grades
❀ The rare Latte and Cake Buns have Glitter effects!


♡ Hard enamel pins with 1 rubber backing
♡ Gold Plating♡ Size: each pin is around 1.5" tall
♡ Please check our FAQ for grading quality!